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Frequently Asked Questions

Thread:Collect will notify you if they were unable to locate your items and contact you to rebook. Alternatively, you can contact Thread:Collect via our Live Chat, email or phone (place links for these contact details).

For items not accepted by Thread:collect, you can contact your local Council for a hard waste pickup or alternative services. 

You can also visit Planet Ark’s online recycling directory

As many as you like!

Please separate and place items in bags or boxes into these categories:

  • – clean and reusable clothes
  • – worn and torn clothes
  • – soft plastics
  • – household items

Collections are limited to 2 Cubic meters

Thread:collect is a private service and the fees are to cover the cost of sending a driver to your home to collect your items and the cost of recycling. We also donate $1 from every collection to a charity.

We work with local recycling partners to recycle items that cannot be recycled.

We’re hoping to offer Thread:Collect in more suburbs across Australia. To be notified when this service is in your area, follow SCRgroup on Instagram and Facebook and subscribe to our Thread:Collect waitlist

No, Thread:Collect is a private service offering easy and convenient home pickups to Australians who want to send their unwanted clothing and household items for reuse and recycling and support local and global circular economies.

Residents can use their own bags (e.g. plastic bags or garbage bags) or boxes. Please ensure bags and boxes are tied together and closed to protect them from weather elements. All bags and boxes will also be recycled.

Yes! If you would like our friendly drivers to knock on your door to collect your items, instead of leaving your items on your porch, just leave a note in the ‘driver instructions’ section of our booking form.

Household items require extra handling from our team and need to be treated differently from clothing. If you have mainly clothing and just 1 household item or pram, please book a ‘clothing and household items’ collection.

Thank you! We love hearing about happy residents 😊 You can leave a review for us on Trustpilot, Google or Facebook…or all three! By spreading the word, you’re helping us reach even more people and create an even bigger social and environmental impact.

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